Work Packages

What are the Work Packages?


The Work Packages are led by different partners of the project consortium and aim to perform different tasks, dividing the workload and the different themes by members who have more expertise on the different subjects.

Watch the videos below and get to know all the project’s WPs, their leaders, and what the two activities are to keep the project running smoothly and meeting its goals.

Also get to know the partner leaders that have the objective to command each one of the Work Packages.

Work Packages

Work Package 1 - Measuring distributional on sustainability impacts of trade policy ​

Alessandro Olper is part of UMIL, and is the leader of BATModel Work Package  1, which aims to develop and operationalise a conceptual framework to understand the broader welfare implications of trade liberalisation and trade policy, with an emphasis on distributional and sustainability impacts. 

Watch the video and get to know his opinion about the project and a bit of WP1’s work in the course of BATModel.

Work Package 2 - Emerging trade flows​

Christophe Gouel member of INRAE, is the leader of BATModel Work package 2 which aims to develop methodologies to allow trade models to create trade flows that previously did not exist due to prohibitive trade costs, tariffs or NTMs. This WP will also address the related problem which, in current trade models, means small trade flows tend to remain small even after the significant decrease in trade costs. Watch the vídeo and get to know his opinion about the project and a bit of WP2’s work in the course of the project

WP3 - Markets, quality and competition

Yaghoob Jafari a member of UBO, is the WP3 leader, witch aims to analyse the impact of product quality differentiation on trade in the agri-food sector and identify the role of intermediate input markets in both quality differentiation and trade. Watch the video and know more about the project and reach out their opinion about the project.

WP4 - Global Value Chains​​

Enrico Marvasi is part of UNIROMA3 and member of WP4, which that to improve our understanding of the impact of global value chains (GVCs) on the agri-food sector and to improve existing models by integrating key aspects of GVCs. Watch the video and know more about the project and reach out their opinion about the project and about his involvement on it.

WP5 - Non tariff measures

Anne-Celia Disdier is part of INRAE and is a leader of BATModel WP5, which the aim is to improve the analysis of non-tariff measures (NTMs) – more specifically sanitary and phytosanitary (SPS) measures and technical barriers to trade (TBTs) – that prevail in the agri-food sector and to provide new insights into their potential effects on trade. See the video and know more about the project and reach out the leader’s opinion about she’s involvement.

WP6 - Geographical Indications

Luisa Menapace is a part of TUM and is the leader of BATModel WP6, which aims to developing methods for analyzing the welfare and trade effects of Geographical Indications based on economic theory and company-level data, as well as the evaluation of welfare effects on Geographical indications in the European Union at local, regional , national and EU level for different stakeholders and society. The assessment of the links between Geographical Indications and local development/ internationalization and also as the assessment of the trade impacts of different schemes in the framework of trade negotiations. See the video and know more about the involvement of WP6 on the project, and the opinion os the leader about them.

WP7 - Modelling platform

Marijke Kuiper is a member of WUR and WP7 member, which aims to develop the operational backbone in the form of well-documented and tested, modular and open access software modules which implement the advances in WP1-6. WP 7 will also ensure that these new modules are implemented in at least two existing simulation models in BATModel (CAPRI, CGEBox, MAGNET, MIRAGE) and are scrutinised in a large-scale policy relevant test case. See the video and Know more about their Involvement on the project, and his opinion about the work.

WP8 - Marketing & Communication

Marta Mendes is a senior consultant at CONSULAI, Portugal. She is responsible for the communication and dissemination of the whole project maintaining contact with all the other BATModel partners.
The tasks she performs are interconnected with all the other participants, because the goal is common to all.

In short, communication and dissemination of the project is a very important task, and teamwork is equally important.

WP9 - Consortium Coordination and project management

The Consortium Coordination & Project Management activities aim to fulfil three objectives. At the strategic level, to steer the project to address all unexpected situations, be these scientific, technological, environmental or societal. At the operational level, to ensure that the project progresses in conformity with the work plan with regard to overall progress, milestones, deliverables, and planned resources. And at the organisational level, to optimise the infrastructural setup to support the project, with special attention paid to financial, logistics, information, coordination issues and in terms of quality and conformity to the European Commission’s rules and procedures.