BATModel Summer School

BATModel Summer School


22 and 24 May 2024


Seville, Spain

Joint Research Centre (JRC)

The Summer School will feature a comprehensive onsite course delivered by a team of specialists in microdata, econometric techniques, model construction, and policy analysis. The program is designed to offer daily lectures and discussions to introduce participants to crucial features of agricultural trade policy analysis.

Main objectives and themes


  1. Disseminate the main achievements of the BATModel project
  2. Enhance participants’ capability to understand, analyze, and evaluate scientific results related to agri-food trade
  3. Provide background on econometric analysis and ex-ante simulation models implemented in the project.

Main themes: 

  1. Modeling Trade Policies
  2. Geographical Indications in the Trade Context
  3. Modeling Global Value Chains (GVC)
  4. Distributional and Sustainability Impacts of Modelling Trade Liberalization and Trade Policy
  5. Policy Implementation and Policy Assessment: The CETA Case (EU-Canada Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement)

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Pre-registration is now available

Registration for the Summer School is not yet open, but please let us know if you are interested in taking part.

Please note that registration will be limited, so it will only be possible for 25 people to register.

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