3rd BATModel’s Annual Meeting

3rd BATModel’s Annual Meeting

During the last week of August, the members of the BATModel consortium traveled to Rennes for the 3rd annual meeting of the project.
On August 28th and 29th, the main BATModel themes were discussed and presented, thus outlining a work strategy for the next 12 months, which will be the final months of the project.

28th August 2023

The first day of the Annual Meeting was introduced by Karine Latouche and Yohan Lecuona, the project coordinators.
In a second phase, the consortium was divided into two groups to discuss important topics about BATModel, in order to devise a new and better strategy for interacting with the target groups, as well as process improvements on the part of the researchers in the construction of reports and studies in order to have a clearer and more direct discourse on the subject, thus being more captivating for those who read it, thus becoming more efficient in getting the message across.

29th August 2023

During the second day of the annual meeting, the day began with presentations by the project’s different task leaders, presenting what has already been done and what is still to be done, and how the tasks will be carried out so that they don’t fall outside the allotted time.

The afternoon was led by CONSULAI’s Portuguese colleagues, who are in charge of the project’s communication tasks. In this case, in addition to their presentation of results, they carried out two activities with the rest of the consortium’s colleagues, one stimulating relationships and the spirit of mutual help between everyone, and the other aimed at finding out whether the project’s key messages have remained the same since it began.

The day ended with the intervention of the External Scientific Advisory Board – ESAB, attended by various external members whose aim is to help shape a better strategy for BATModel’s action.